Monday, 7 February 2011

Bitcoin Randomizer

The no-stress-way to get bitcoins.
It's easy, join today to be added to our rotation system.
Turn 1btc into hundreds!

Earn random bitcoins when new members join the system.
50% of all membership fees are payed to random members, no matter who referred them.
You don't have to promote our site yourself to earn bitcoins, but it'll help you to earn more.

Earn bitcoins referring new members.
50% of all membership fees are payed to sponsors.
(Current shares: 1.lvl-25% 2.lvl-15% 3.lvl-10%)
Get random referrals.
New members that do not follow referral-links are added to random members downlines.

To start earning follow these easy steps:

Sign up for an account
Send 1btc membership fee to the address shown on your account info
Wait for a network confirmation of your transaction
Login to your account (or reload account info page) to activate

Once your payment is complete, your bitcoin address will be automatically added to the rotation
and receive random payments when new members sign up and sponsor payments for all people you referred.
You'll also be able to add an outgoing bitcoin address to one-click-withdraw your earnings at any time.

All received fees flow back into the system!
50% to sponsors on 3 levels, 50% to random members.
There is no admin fee.
There is no fee to withdraw earning

Link: Click To Visit Bitcoin Randomizer

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